Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inspiration Station

On October 15th I post a layout and card sketch. You can check them out HERE

I took the sketches and switched them around to create two new layouts sketches and 2 card sketches.

Here are some ways to approach how I approaced the sketch.

Check the placement of the pictures in the sketch
Look at the sketch and see the orientation (horizontal or vertical) of the photographs. Then, look through your stash of photographs for a combination that would go with the sketch. At that moment you can do two things---place the photos exactly how you see it or go to the next level and add more photographs that fit into the sketch. You can also rotate the sketch and make a totally new. The sketch is just the starting foundation of how you want to build it up

Analyze the sketch’s design elements
Look at a sketch and see the basic patterns and placements. You can add or delete elements in the sketch and still maintain the sketch’s balance. The recipe of the sketch is up to you because at the end, its your creation that puts a smile on your face.

Look at the embellishments and see how they are placed.
My sketches are very basic. The reason I prefer basic sketches because it allows more freedom to be creative. It’s simply helping to jump-start your creativity and lays a foundation for you.

Here are the sketches

Here is what the ladies from our Inspiration Design Team did with these sketches

Kristin used the sketches on top here is what she did with the layout and card

Sue created with the bottom half of the sketches and here it is

The ladies did an amazing job and so its your turn...get creating and enjoy the sketches

Thanks and have day

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