Sunday, November 18, 2012

CARDS and "BANG for a BUCK"

Hi Bev here today. I am so excited to share CARDS of many sizes, shapes
 and styles... along with some fun tutorials and ideas.
They all start with this amazing sketch from Lucy.

Using the sketch I made this fun xmas card.
To make it even more interesting I made it an Easel Card.

The Easel Card below has been used at MY SKETCH WORLD often and here
is the link to the tutorial to follow and make it:

The next card I used the blocking from the sketch and expanded from there.
In this photo it looks plain and nothing special.... continue below to see what is so special.

Here is the photo of the open card. Lots of fun shapes and elements
to make it special. The diagonal opening and the blocked front piece... and
inside I added some matching paper.
Here is the link for the directions to making this card:

On the next card I used the sketch but used the design from
top centre to bottom right. Through the centre  I added
more than just a short sentiment and staggered and inked the pieces.
I added a fun border and added doodled stitching to the card.

As you can see below it reveals the details of the card base on this one.
There was no pattern .. You just fold the front flap of a normal card and
work from there. It was fun to only apply the image on half the panel and
left the balance float over the rest of the card.

When you open the card you also notice the expanded accents inside.
And yes that is a pocket to hold a gift card... it was perfect to finish this card.

Using the sketch again I went with just a regular base on this on...
but OMG love this technique and am so excited to share with you.
The little tree is IRIS FOLDING Technique.. and can I say OMG again.
It was so easy .. it looks so hard but with the instructions in this link it is
so easy, fabulous and elegant and beautiful. Can you tell I love this:

I did  a large one and the small one is the one on the finished card.
Just alter the size of the template and it's still amazing and easy.

In this photo - Look at the depth of layers and it's super fun to
have so many options of colours. Who said a tree has to be Green?
I love the pink and gray colouring.

After  showing you the above new technique .. I had to share another one of
these amazing Iris Folded techniques.

Using the same basic sketch I flipped it and you get the
bottom left up to the right top corner
and had to level out the sentiment to fit.

I however changed it up and also have another style card to share.

I didn't use a pattern for this either. After making the  bell following the
Iris Folding link above with directions .. I now had and idea how
big the frame of card needed to be.
Cut your base the height you desire and double the width.
Score the left and right panel (which are equal in total to the full back panel)
and fold to centre front .. meeting at the centre.
Also notice I papered the inside with matching colours.

This awesome finished and matted Iris Folded accent is
the front of your card and adhered only with
glue on the left half while the right half covers the right panel of  card.

I had an amazing time sharing with you today.. and loved doing early
 Christmas cards.I also hope your inspired by this and the sketch.
You really have so many fun ways to
use sketches and change them up many ways
 through design, style, colour and shape.
Hope you have a great day .. Bev - Tutorial Designer


Cheryl said...

Love the cards Bev. Will have to try a couple of these techniques.

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

These are fabulous~

Cheryl said...

Wonderful cards, Bev!

Karen AKA Soccerboyzmom said...

Will have to try a few of ths. They don't look as hard as I thought. Thanks Bev.

LisaM said...

Fun techniques and cute cards Bev!

Ann said...

Those iris folded cards are really cool!

Debbie P said...

Gorgeous cards! Makes me want to whip out my papers and get started! Awesome job!

Jawed Ali said...

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