Sunday, February 5, 2012

{Sketch-a-Thon} Feb 5th Card Sketch

Here you go

Here are the Rules of the Sketch-a-Thon
You will have till March 3rd (12AM PST) to upload your creations in MSW Gallery HERE then post it in  Link on the right side of the column (IF you dont register in the forum. If you are a member in the forum then you would post your creations in the sign up thread HERE)

The participates will have their names put into a random drawing and will be announced on March 8th.

Here are some ways to recieve drawings during the crop

Everyone has to upload the creations to the gallery but if you register in the FORUM, there will be extra challenges. games and more chances to enter your name for the prizes.

**Everyone will recieve 5 ENTRIES for every sketch they do between Feb 1st through Feb 20th. So the more you do, the more enteries you will get :)

**If you paricipate in the games(in the forum), you will recieve ONE ENTRY. The winner of the games will recieve TWO ENTERIES

**Bonus Challenges will be posted with the sketches(in the forum). If you do them then you will recieve TWO ENTERIES for each one you do (1 for Sketch+2 for Challenge= 3 Enteries)

All your creations need to be new and not to be posted anywhere until the crop is over except for your blog.

All are welcome to participate- paper, digi and hybrid

*International- If winner receives goodies from a online store or kit club, you need to pay half of the shipping.
If you have any questions please email me at

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