Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inspiration Station

Hello everyone

Sorry this is late for our inspiration stations series. To much to do so little time like they say and its so true.

Today will be checking out the sketches form the 15th. You can see them HERE.

We will be discussing not just how to use the sketch but taking it to another level. One sketch can produce over 10 amazing layouts or cards by rotating, adding and deleting components of the sketch.

One of the most important piece of advice I would give anyone who uses a sketch is work it step by step. A sketch is basically a drawing of a layout showing the positions of where the title, journaling and photos go. It provides inspiration and a groundwork for the design. A sketch allows you to create a simple or complicated layout, spark your creativity, save time and encourages you to use more designs.

Here are some ways to approach the sketch. This will be the concept that I will be using on my sketches.
Check the placement of the pictures in the sketch

Look at the sketch and see the orientation (horizontal or vertical) of the photographs. Then, look through your stash of photographs for a combination that would go with the sketch. At that moment you can do two things---place the photos exactly how you see it or go to the next level and add more photographs that fit into the sketch. You can also rotate the sketch and make a totally new. The sketch is just the starting foundation of how you want to build it up

  • Analyze the sketch’s design elements
  • Look at a sketch and see the basic patterns and placements. You can add or delete elements in the sketch and still maintain the sketch’s balance. The recipe of the sketch is up to you because at the end, its your creation that puts a smile on your face.
  • Look at the embellishments and see how they are placed.
  • My sketches are very basic. The reason I prefer basic sketches because it allows more freedom to be creative. It’s simply helping to jump-start your creativity and lays a foundation for you.
Here is layout sketch from Sept 15th.
Kim to take the photo and drop the 3 photos n the bottom and create a sketch just using one photo. Here is what she did with that

Sue to take this sketch and great a 2 pager. She did an amazing job with it and here is her creation

Here is the card sketch from Sept 15th
Kim created a tag instead of a card for this sketch

Sue created this cute card by rotating it

So you can see that you can the sketch and take to a level that you will be able to create your own masterpiece. Just take the time to sit and look at the sketches in a different angle. You will be amazed by the results.

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