Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April Layout Sketch 3

Sorry ladies this is late. I was having problems with the code and finally it worked itself out

Here is the 3rd sketch that Di Hickman and I have created together

For Digi ...click HERE to get your sketch.

I am doing the layouts alittle different this time around. I have added your layouts in a slide with your names on it. That way we all can see the layouts better. I dont want anyone to miss any of these ladies work.


BethieJ said...

Great layouts everyone!! Lucy it looks great how you put them on the slide with our names!! Now to finish up this weeks!! :)
Happy Tuesday!

Susan Coish said...

The LOs look awesome!! You have such great sketches to work with. I really enjoying creating with this one!!

{CREATE ART} said...

Lucy, your sketch blog is so cool, girl!! How does one become a "sketch diva"?

Lucy Chesna said...

All you have to do is email me some examples of your work and I will look over them

scrapnnMO said...

OK I made a LO using this sketch!


It was a perfect sketch for this picture! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

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